How Much Austin B-cycle Costs

Austin B-cycle provides access to our network of on-demand bike stations at a daily, weekly, and annual memberships. Whether you purchase a day or weekly pass or an annual membership, there is never a charge for the 1st 30 minutes of any checkout. You get unlimited checkouts up to 30 minutes at no charge for the duration of your pass/membership. Usage fees only apply after 30 minutes each check out, at $4/30 minutes plus tax ($75 daily maximum usage fees.)

GREAT GIFT IDEA! Buy an annual membership for friends, family, co-worker or employee.

Annual Membership

Purchase online, swipe card at dock of desired bike or swipe your credit card on file at kiosk to access system

Annual memberships come with several perks specific to the membership:

• Member card: By swiping the member card with smart chip technology right at the bike dock, members can check out the bike they want bike directly avoiding the extra time at the station kiosk screen.

• Forget your card? No problem: You can still access the Austin B-cycle system using your credit card on file at the station kiosk.

• On-line calorie counter: Track how B-cycle is helping you lose a few pounds while being the fastest way to get from A to B downtown. Members can access calories burned through their online account.
B-connected privileges: Get recognized in other B-cycle cities and access their bike share system with your Austin account. Check for participating B-connected cities.

• Value for regular B-cycle users: At 22¢/day, the annual membership is a great value for 24 hour/ 365 day access to Austin's bike share system.


Day Rate at Kiosk

Purchase at any station kiosk, swipe your credit card at kiosk to access system

Weekly Rate

Purchase online, swipe your credit card at station kiosk to access system