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How do I know if my BCycle was returned properly?

When returning your BCycle make sure you push the bike all the way into an open dock. You should hear 3 beeps and see the green light flash to confirm your return.

Pro tip: Opt into text messages and you'll receive a text every time your BCycle is properly docked!

What are usage fees?
Except for our Single Trip option, all passes include the first 60 minutes of each ride you take. Any trip lasting longer than 60 minutes will begin to accrue fees at a rate of $4/30 minutes +tax.
What is Austin BCycle?
Visit our about page to learn more.
How do I purchase a pass?
When does my pass activate?
  • Single Trip/Explorer/3-Day Explorer: the first time you checkout a bike.
  • Annual/Monthly: when you sign up.
Is there a time limit for the Single Trip pass?
No, with the single trip pass you are charged for the time you use your BCycle. For more details on the pass checkout click here.
Why the 60 minute trip limit?
Bike share systems are designed for short trips or when you just need to get from point A to point B. This means when you are not riding someone else can be using the BCycle for their short trip and so and so forth.

Pro tip: If check-in the bike every 60 minutes you can avoid usage fees and ride all day for just $12!
How do I check out a bike?

If you have an active membership, there are a few different ways you can check out bikes from a station:

  • Credit card: You can use the credit card you used at signup as a way to verify your account at the kiosk. Select I Have a Pass, then select Or Credit Card in the lower left corner, then swipe your credit card to verify your account.
  • Text a code: You can use the cell phone number you entered at signup to verify your account at the kiosk. Select I Have a Pass and then enter the number. You should receive a text with a unique code. Enter the code at the kiosk to access the bikes.
  • BCycle App: If you purchased a membership online, you can use the username/password to log into the BCycle app. Once logged in, tap on the station icon, select "Get a bike", and enter the dock number to unlock the bike. Note that you must be at the station since the app is GPS-fenced.
  • RFID card: If you are a BCycle monthly or annual member, you may request a RFID card. The RFID card allows you to skip the kiosk altogether. Go directly to a docked bike, tap the silver button on the dock to the right of the bike, then wave the B-fob directly above the lighted panel. The fob uses RFID proximity technology to verify your account.
How do I request an RFID card?

RFID cards cost $5 and allow you bypass the kiosk and app. Simply swipe at one of our docks to get a BCycle.

  • App: Log on the app, select the blue avatar in the top right corner, then select "Get a Membership Card" — we'll mail you a card within 72 hours.
  • Website: Go to our Help page and for What can we help you with? select RFID card request.
  • Email: Send us an email with subject line RFID card request and one of our Customer Service Representatives will help you get a card.
  • Customer Service: Give us a call and one of our Customer Service representatives will help you get a card.

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