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How Bike Share Works

Unlike bike rental, a MetroBike bicycle is there when you need it, 24/7/365. Bike share is economical and convenient, designed for those trips that are too far to walk but too short to drive. With a MetroBike you don't have to worry about finding a parking spot or thieves stealing your bicycle. The only thing you have to worry about is the time you'll save getting from A to B. As a member, you can use a BCycle to run an errand, grab lunch, travel from the bus stop to your office, or just get some fresh air. There are as many reasons to use a MetroBike as there are members!

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1. Rent

Before you get riding you'll need to purchase a pass or membership through one of our many options.

2. Ride

Checkout a bike from any station around town and feel the breeze in your hair!

3. Return

In order to end your current trip you MUST return the bicycle to a dock without exception.

  • Single-use pass holders will need to purchase another pass in order to checkout another bicycle. To stop the clock, dock!
  • Multi-use pass or membership holders can continue to checkout bikes until their access to the system expires. To reset the clock, dock!
  • When returning a bicycle you will hear the dock beep letting you know the locks are engaging. Once beeps finish pull on the bike to ensure it is secure.
  • If you have trouble with a dock accepting the bike, try a different available dock.
  • Station full? Go to the kiosk, click start, then click more options, then click full station. This will add ride time giving you just enough time to find another station with available docks.

4. Repeat

Depending on your pass or membership level, most users have an unlimited number of 60 minute trips included for the length of their access period.

  • Single-use passes have no limit on trip length but require that you purchase another pass once you have ended your current trip.
  • Multi-use pass or membership holders may use the kiosk or BCycle app to checkout bikes for additional trips.
  • The bike from your most recent trip MUST be returned properly before the system will allow you to checkout another bike.

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