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A better way to bike with friends--
introducing the Local365+Guest Pass.

Local365 members now have the option to purchase a Guest Pass with their regular membership. Once ordered, this Guest Pass will come in the form of an RFID card equipped with eight one-hour rides!

Any of the 8 included trips that last longer than 60 minutes will incur normal usage fees, just like your Local365 membership. Once the 8 trips are used up, the card can still be used to check out a B-cycle for $4 (plus tax) per 30 minutes of ride time.

Only one bike at a time can be checked out on a Guest Pass. Contact us if you have a discounted membership and want to add on the Guest Pass.


We have a new app!

Use your phone to:

  • Check out bikes
  • Get directions to a BCycle or to any location via BCycle
  • See data about your BCycle trips
  • Update your account
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