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Our Story

Austin BCycle is public bike share system that rolled into Austin in December 2013. The system is owned by the City of Austin and operated by the locl 501(c)(3) non-profit Bike Share of Austin. Austin BCycle immediately broke national records for check outs during SXSW, making it one of the most successful bike sharing programs in the country. There are currently 75 BCycle stations around downtown Austin, in all the places you want to go!

Domain BCycle Staff

Diego Martinez-Moncada | Director of Operations | Acting Executive Director

  • Drew Blair | Shop Manager
  • James Paul |Field Manager
  • TJ Andersson | Operations Technician
  • Stephen Elledge | Operations Technician
  • Josh Kelley | Operations Technician
  • Eduardo Martinez | Operations Technician
  • Miles Seale | Operations Technician
  • Mark Spelman | Mechanic
  • Kevin Gutknecht | Mechanic

Hunter Hollingsworth | Director of Special Projects

James Brownie | Membership Coordinator

GP Selvaggio | Marketing & Events Coordinator

Bike Share of Austin Board of Directors

  • David Rockwood, Chair
  • Hill Abell
  • Leslie Luciano
  • Kelan Robinson
  • Chris Riley
  • Joel Sher

Bike Share of Austin Advisory Board

  • Mitchell McGovern
  • Lee Austin
  • Hill Abell
  • Benjamin Sharp
  • Casey Burak
  • David Rockwood
  • Jeremy Hernandez
  • Joel Sher
  • Todd Hemingson
  • James Snow
  • Leslie Luciano
  • Elliott McFadden
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